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Advanced WiFi+ for Business





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At Nemont we are proud that our internet service plans are symmetrical. Our tailored plans offer a consistently fast and equal download and upload speed for all of your internet needs. 

Here are some benefits of a symmetrical Internet connection:

  • No Internet Bottleneck. If you experience buffering while streaming a movie or frozen video calls, this can be during peak times when everyone is getting online. Peak times usually happen after 4 p.m. when kids are out of school. Symmetrical bandwidth ensures that your download and upload speeds are not strained due to high-use. 
  • Faster and Larger File Uploads. Uploading files to the Cloud, Dropbox, shared Drives, or Twitch can be an arduous task if the files are large. With a symmetrical Internet connection, large files are a breeze. 
  • Don't Get Left Behind. More and more companies are moving to cloud services for flexibility and easy sharing, but if you can't reach the cloud, what good is it to you. Reliable cloud access depends on high upload speeds. 




Check Out What You Get With This Service
Advanced Business WiFi+

Set up your router for maximum performance and Security

Assess your current setup and signal strength using a Wi-Fi analyzer tool

Place router in optimal location while weighing performance and convenience


Per Month

1-5 Access Points
$12 for each additional Access Point per month.
6+ Access Points
$5 for each additional Access Point per month.


Connect your wireless devices

Recommend solutions to dead spots and slow speeds

Set up a unique network name and Wi-Fi password to protect your data


Advanced Business Wifi+ FAQs

Please refer to the following answers for some of your common technical questions about Advanced Business Wifi Plus:

A Wireless Access Point is a WiFi radio that your computers and other devices connect to for network access. Traditionally, this is built into your internet router but Business WiFi uses Access Points to extend WiFi reach throughout your business to create seamless coverage.

  • Advanced Business WiFi+ provides better WiFi coverage of your business by placing Access Points closer to where you need it.
  • It allows you to use multiple Access Points to cover your business.
  • Easily separate your customers from your business with a “Guest WiFi network”.

No. You can utilize Advanced Business WiFi+, no matter how big or small your business is. Our system can scale from 1 Access Point to hundreds!

Nemont can do a free site survey to help determine how many access points are needed to provide the best coverage at your business.

No. You can take advantage of Advanced Business WiFi+ as long as you have 10Mbps or faster internet service on either DSL or Fiber.

Give us a call at 800-636-6680! If you don’t need immediate assistance, you can also email us at wifi@nemont.coop.


Nemont WiFi App


Nemont WiFi App

The Nemont WiFi app is an easy-to-use app that lets you set up a guest Wi-Fi network using simple steps and set Internet policy controls.


App Features:
  • Set Internet Policy Controls
  • Control Passwords and Network Traffic
  • Create Guest Wifi Access
  • Policy Management


“Advanced WiFi benefits all business but one of the most critical benefits is improving Wi-Fi reach for all employees which helps reduce lag time and increase productivity. Let me help your business today!"




South Central Montana Territory


“Businesses and organizations can dramatically improve their Wi-Fi reach with Nemont’s Advanced Wifi service. A custom survey of your building can give your business seamless coverage for employees, guests and tenants. Let’s get started today!"



Kelsey McCabe

Northeast Montana/Northwest North Dakota Territory




What our customers are saying

  • We choose to use Nemont Advanced WiFi for Business because we have multiple walls at the Bar T Restaurant and Saloon in Worden. We are looking for the satisfaction of knowing that we are covering the entire building with a WiFi signal as we use broadband for our security network, jukebox and payment systems. With Nemont Advanced WiFi for Business we know we have assistance available if we ever have any issues with connectivity.
    - Nickol Twitchell Owner of Bar T Restaurant and Saloon in Worden, MT.