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Calling Features

All wireless calling features are optional and can be added to any calling plan.

Free Calling Features

  1. Caller ID Block - Your number will not be seen on Caller ID when you make a call.
  2. Caller ID - This allows you to see the number that is calling you, unless that number is blocked.
  3. Call Forward Immediate - Your phone will not ring and any incoming calls will immediately be forwarded to the selected number.
  4. Call Forward No Answer - If the call is not answered, it will be forwarded to the selected number.
  5. Call Forward Busy - If the phone is called while it is in use, the call will be forwarded to the selected number.
  6. Call Waiting - Allows you to answer another call while your are on the phone. A beep will indicate the incoming call.
  7. Three Way Conference Calling - Allows you to talk to two people at one time.
  8. Call Detail - Itemized call detail on every phone included in each monthly billing.
  9. Toll and Roam Blocks - Restricts where the phone can be used and what numbers can be dialed. If you select roam and toll blocks, your phone cannot be used while roaming or to call long distance. This will ensure that you will not incur roaming or long distance charges.

Premium Calling Features

  1. Voice Mail - $3.00 per month.
  2. Text Messaging - $5.00 per month.
  3. Text & Picture Messaging - $10.00 per month.
  4. Handset Protection - $6.00 per month.



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