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Advanced WIFI Extended

Whole Farm/Ranch WiFi Solution



2 Radios 2 Mounts

Professional Installation

Connect your farm or ranch


Per Month / Per Building

Advanced WIFI Extended FAQs

Please refer to the following answers for some of your common technical questions about Advanced WIFI Extended:

A Wireless Access Point is a WiFi radio that your computers and other devices connect to for network access. Traditionally, this is built into your internet router but Access Points can be used to extend WiFi reach throughout your building to create seamless coverage.

Yes, you can have extended wifi signal to multiple outbuildings. The signals would each need a set of radios to work. This is called a Mulit-point setup and would look like, house to barn, house to shop, etc. Multi-hop deployments are not supported at this time. (ie. House to barn, barn to shop)

You will need to have Advanced Wifi at your home in order to add Advanced WiFi Extended to an outbuilding. Advanced Wifi is $7 per month. Learn More

Yes, AC power will be required on each building.

Give us a call at 800-636-6680! If you don’t need immediate assistance, you can also email us at wifi@nemont.coop.

Nemont’s recommended distance for Advanced WiFi Extended is a half mile or 2,640 feet.

There would be multiple reasons but one of the most common is a clear line of site issue. The radios cannot have any obstructions between them to make the signal work properly. Common obstructions would be trees, poles and shrubs.

Advanced WiFi is only available to customers on 10Mbps package or higher. Nemont is not responsible for any devices added to the home after the Birth Certificate is created. If Internet service is terminated the router and access points must be returned to Nemont within 30 days. Nemont is not responsible for end user devices. If you bump down to a speed lower than 10 Mbps, your Advanced WiFi will be terminated and your billing statement will reflect the changes. Please review all Internet Internet Terms and Conditions.


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